Tuesday, October 28, 2014

You thought I forgot about my blog...didn't you?

So...life happened and it's now the end of October. 

In the last seven months we have been pretty busy.  Not fun busy, just work/school/etc busy. 

Trey is in his last semester (FINALLY) of undergrad.  He got a job with a software company back in September and seems to enjoy it.  We will both be very, very glad when it is mid-December and he is done with the awfulness that has been these last several months. 

We went to the beach several times this past summer; took the dogs on one trip and then just Harley on the last trip.


We got a new dog.  I can't remember if I mentioned this back in March post.  But whatever. She's cute and sweet and I'm mentioning it again.

Her name is Briony (pronounced Bree-ah-nee) and she is a beautiful red-haired hound.  She is so sweet and she loves Harley so so much.  Harley was...quite grumpy with us when we brought Briony home.  She tolerates her more and more everyday and will, sometimes, instigate play with Briony. 

We took both the dogs to the beach for July 4th.  Harley loves the beach.  She is just like me in that she just enjoys sitting on the sand and people watching. 

Briony also liked the beach, but she really was a handful.  She's still a puppy so she has dog ADHD and couldn't sit still and always wanted to be meeting that person or sniffing that dog.  She matches Trey's need to be doing something active, but because we couldn't take her off leash (both because of the leash laws and because she'd run) she ended up nearly dislocating Trey's shoulder a couple of times. 

We celebrated our  2 year anniversary a couple of weekends ago.  Naturally, it had rained so no Carter Mountain, and per tradition, Trey was sick.  And not just sniffles like at our wedding, I think he had the full-blown flu.  He is just now seeming to get over coughing and being congested. 

It has been quite busy at work this month; I'm not sure what's gotten into people.  Since all of you know what I do, I'm sure you'd rather I'd just move on to another subject and since I legally can't tell you anything interesting...I'll move on.

Something that I've been struggling with lately is being at that line of adulthood.  I feel like there are times when it's okay that I'm expected to do this or take care of that.  But then there are days where it seems like all I do is deal with the less-than-fun aspects of being an adult and don't have any of the rewards. 


I'll try and keep this thing updated.  The next several months and into the new year will be pretty busy, and I hope that I will have some news for you on what we've been up to.  But, you'll have to wait!

***So I realized when I got home that I left out several very important from the last several months. First, in April, one of Trey's cousins got married.  It was a really beautiful wedding on such a great day! In June, we bought a new car (a Honda CR-V) which I love love love.  And, Trey's younger sister, Hope, got married in August. I was a bridesmaid! It was really a fun day! (To keep with the theme of weddings, this coming May another cousin of Trey's is getting married!)***

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