Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Outings with the Newells-Pocahontas State Park

So, at the beginning of the summer Trey and I had said that each Thursday we would go out and explore Richmond and the surrounding area we live in. Since then, I think we've done one of those Thursdays and that was antique-ing.

Earlier this week Trey was planning a fishing trip for today and he asked if I wanted to come. I told him that I wouldn't fish, but I would go and sit with him and read.

Today we drove out to Pocahontas State Park in southern Chesterfield County.

It was a gorgeous drive and the park was beautiful. We had never been and so had no idea where in the  park we should go or what was there.

We ended up following the signs for the boat ramp, our rationale being that both boats and fish are in the water so wherever boats were going, that was where water would be.

As it happens, the boat ramp was next to the water park and we found a nice, shady spot to camp out for a few hours.

Trey didn't end up catching anything, but I finished a book I had started!

There were other really neat things at the park, other than the water park.

There's a campground and also cabins that you can rent and camp in.

There were a lot of hiking and biking trails and lots of picnic shelters for parties and get togethers. There's even a gift shop!

On site they had a museum, CCC Museum (Civilian Conservation Corps) as well as the Algonquian Ecology Camp.

It seemed like a really interesting place and I hope we get to go back soon.

For more information go here.

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