Monday, December 31, 2012

Guest Post!

Check out our guest post over at Over the Threshold where we talk about our move to Richmond.

Read below for a sneak peak!!

I love living in Richmond, Virginia. Yes, technically, Virginia is not a northern state, but to me, it is the northernmost place I’ve ever lived.  The weather, while it is mostly the same as my home state of North Carolina, seems to be colder.  I even have the option of “Emergency heating” on my thermostat.
My husband and I have lived in Richmond for one year. That’s just enough time to have decided we like it here. And that we’re staying for awhile. Previously, we were a military family; my husband having lived in New Orleans, New York and Rhode Island.  So how did we end up where we are now? 

For the rest of the post click here!

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