Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas and New Year's

The past two months seem to have gone by in a blur; I have no idea where the days and months went. It feels like we got married last week and then SHAZAM it's 2013.

Uck, an odd year. And one that ends in "13."

Hope it's a good one!!

Christmas with the Frames:

My parents and brother came up to Richmond for Christmas. It was nice, except that I had to work overnights from Sunday through the night of Christmas. And then they left. So, very little sleep for me, very little time to spend with family. It was also rather crazy at work, but we're not going to go into that.

Trey and I received a lot of wonderful gifts this year! We got a new vacuum cleaner which sent me over the moon! And an electric can opener and a waffle iron that produces delicious, beautiful waffles. A friend of mine said something to effect of "you know you're a boring adult when you're excited to receive an apple slicer." Well, we're both boring adults because we absolutely love our new kitchen gadgets.

We all ate delicious, unhealthy food, so it was back to the gym I went the day after Christmas. Trey doesn't gain any weight but he did take Harley-kins for some runs, I think.

The most interesting gift received was something my dad gave to Trey. I don't remember the technical name for it, but it's the thing you put water and live bait in for fishing. The coolest thing is that it belonged to my dad's maternal grandfather (my paternal great-grandfather).  Hopefully, now, Trey can find a place to fish that he likes.

We've got a couple of family heirlooms now! For a wedding present we received a set of antique silver from Trey's grandmother as well as my grandmother's set of antique china; and now we (or rather Trey) received the antique fishing pail. We have antique things from other peoples' families (bought at antique stores) but it's always nice to get things passed down through your own family.

Aside from having to work, we had a nice Christmas, I think. Also, I didn't get sick! I am hardly ever not sick over Christmas so that was really nice that I didn't have to deal with that.

Though, to make up for the fact that I didn't get sick for Christmas, I was (and still am) sick over New Year's. Trey and I both woke up the morning of the 31st with sore throats and congestion. I stayed in bed most of Tuesday and Wednesday.  Trey refused to stay in past 9am and got up and went about the house and town as if it was business usual. This afternoon he went outside and did woodworking for several hours. He certainly was not acting sick.

I stayed in bed until 1pm, moved to the couch and stayed there until 830pm when I finally mustered the energy to get up, take a shower, and go to work. We obviously don't get or feel sick in the same way.

Ergo, 2013 has not been so great for us thus far. I'm hoping that will change very, very soon. Trey has orientation on the 8th and then starts his classes soon after.
We've already got a couple of trips planned, a big one to the Buffalo River in Arkansas for the Fourth of July with my dad's side of the family. I'm really looking forward to that one!

Here's to 2013!!!

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  1. I was working on building a shooting board and trying to figure out how to sharpen my scraper. Plus I needed to clean up Daniel's chest.


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