Thursday, August 15, 2013

Moving On

I hate throwing things away.

Trash, I get it. The box is empty, it goes in the trash. The mushrooms have mold on them-DEFINITELY in the trash. Preferably the outside trash can.

But clothes? Books? It hurts.

Trey and I are getting ready to move, because, y'know, it's been almost two years since we've done that. And as part of the preparation we are going through our books, clothes, household goods and setting things aside that we no longer want or need.

Trey says I have a lot of stuff. I tell him it's OUR stuff, now that we're married. But we do, indeed, have a lot of things.

Ask my mother and she'll agree that I hate throwing things away. I get it from my dad. He can find sentimental a piece of paper with a scribble or some random phone number on it. Ergo, clothes that I haven't worn in years (literally) have made their way from North Carolina to Virginia with me. Books, too.

It was pretty easy with the books, though. Any textbook got pulled off a shelf. Even I do go back to school it'll be for something for which my archaeology book is irrelevant (I kept one, though).  Any novel/memoir/etc that I didn't feel the need to reread got pulled off a shelf.

Clothes were different. For some reason I hold on to clothes. Especially clothes that are a size or two smaller than the me now. My excuse is "I'll be able to wear that someday!" I've been saying that for a while now. So, I sucked it up, pulled them out of the drawer and put them in a bag.

My mom cleaned out my childhood room a few months back and brought me eighteen years worth of stuff. I really think I cleaned that stuff out TOO well. Every now and then I'll think "Omigosh did I throw _____ away? Do I still have it??!!" and I don't want to crawl through the crawlspace to find out that I did throw it away.

I still have my Beanie Babies, Barbies and American Girl stuff. I will NOT give that away. At some point in the future I might have a child or two you could potentially be interested in playing with it. Or laughing at how his/her mother could have possibly played with something so definitely not AI.

Good luck to me.

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