Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Brotherly Love

I asked Trey just a few minutes ago if he remember any conversation I had with him about my brother, right when we started dating.

He said he didn't remember any specific conversation about that, just that he would be meeting him along with the rest of my family for the first time. It wasn't a big deal to him that my brother had Ds.

He does remember going to eat lunch with my family and my brother telling him to "stop screwing around." He told me that looking back on that day, John seemed really calm.

We started sharing silly and funny John stories, some of them Trey will share in a later post this month.

They have a good great relationship. Even before we were married and John and Trey were brothers-in-law John would call Trey his brother. He still does it now and my parents and I have tried to get him to add the "in-law" part, but it's no use. In his mind, Trey is his brother.

They wrestle, they argue, they hang out together.

I don't remember ever worrying about ending up with the right guy. I do remember worrying that I would have to meet some awful guys to get to the right one, but luckily the first one was a keeper :)

I love watching them interact with each other; most of the time it's hilarious, but the rest is sweet and melts my heart.

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