Thursday, October 10, 2013


Yikes! I think I skipped a day...maybe?

I hope you'll forgive me...we just moved into a new house and are trying to get everything in order. It's busy and there's a lot to do, especially since this Wednesday we leave for San Francisco!!!

My brother goes to camp. A lot of them. Several sleep-away camps, in fact. He loves them. And he always does really cool things.

Unfortunately he takes after his sister in that he often leaves things behind. I myself have left socks and other bits of clothing behind. I think one time John came home with two pairs of shorts and nine socks. And that was it. It was something like that.


He just recently got back from a camp called Camp Blue Skies. It's somewhere in the mountains of NC. It's a week-long overnight camp for adults who have cognitive and intellectual disabilities. There are a lot of outdoor activities, boating, fishing, swimming, and other various sports.

This afternoon while on the phone with him, John told me he went down the zip-line at camp. The ZIP-LINE??? I asked him. He said "Yeah! It was fun!" He told me he also went on the big swing, which I'm not sure what that was and he didn't explain further.

I asked him if any of that was scary. "No, not too scary."

I've got pictures of John climbing up those climbing walls. He's really good at that actually.  He's told me about some other activities at other camps (challenger course, rope something or others) that he's done that I would probably hesitate before jumping in with both feet like he does.

He may love playing on the iPad and watching movies, but put a physical challenge in front of him and he'll probably take you up on it.  And it's not because he wants to impress a girl (though he is a ladies' man) or that he think it will make him look cool, it's because he wants to do it. For him. And that's the coolest thing of all.

For more information on Camp Blue Skies and to donate or volunteer visit this website:

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