Sunday, November 25, 2012

A few honeymoon pics

So, here are just a few pictures from our honeymoon. We ate at a lot of DELICIOUS restaurants and saw and did a lot of really interesting things. It was hot there. I was not prepared having come from Richmond's quite chilly fall weather. When (not if) we go back I definitely do NOT want to go back during the summer. I would probably melt. 
Down by River Street by the Waving Girl statue. 

Crawdads that we ate on at The Crab Shack (thanks, Amy!!)

Alligators. They are real even though they look like statues. 

I made Trey sit on the alligator replica. He only did it to amuse me as he clearly does not look thrilled to be sitting on it. 

Musket firing demonstration at Fort Pulaski. 

We ate here. My grandmother/mother's cooking tastes MUCH better (though I still thought it was good). 

At Colonial Park Cemetery. Trey is actually smiling a real smile in this picture. 

(Note: as a former PC user I am still learning how to use my Mac. So, I have not figured out how to rotate pictures, yet. If you are a Mac and know how to do this, please tell me)
Beautiful picture of Colonial Park Cemetery. 

Union soldiers camped out in the cemetery. They decided to desecrate the graves and destroyed and moved a lot of the headstones. To prevent further angering of the spirits, later cemetery preservers put the moved headstones on the back wall instead of putting them with the wrong graves. 

One of the historic district's squares. 

I thought all the houses in the historic district were absolutely beautiful. I love this green color. 

This places was MUCH better than Lady and Sons. 

Bonaventure Cemetery

Walking around Bonavenutre


No open container laws in Savannah!!!

Gracie Watkins. One of the more famous graves of Bonaventure. 

Bonaventure Cemetery-so beautiful!

Haunted Forsyth Mansion near Forsyth Park. 

We had a great time! I would really like to go back here. 

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