Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Wedding

Aaaaand here it is! The wedding post!

We had an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day!

The day before we had the rehearsal, which went swimmingly though it was rather cold, and then went to dinner at the Tobacco Company Restaurant in downtown Richmond.  Dr. and Mrs. Newell treated us to a delicious dinner: crab soup, pork loin, and chocolate chip cheesecake!

After the rehearsal a few gals and I went to the local Cuban Restaurant for some salsa dancing.  It was a lot of fun! The space was small, but there was a really pretty balcony over the dance floor where there was more room, fresh air, seating, and we could still hear the music. Afterward, we went back to the B&B for a good night's rest.

The next morning we got our hair did by one of the lovely women who goes to the same gym I do.  She made us beautiful (and for a decent price, too!)

We then went to lunch. Yes, with our hairdos. No one much said anything except for one woman who asked how I had gotten my hair to twist that way.

Oh, and we stopped for Krispy Kreme donuts because, well, they're delicious.
They did not have any hot donuts.

We arrived back at the B&B and decorated. Lots of pink candles and bows everywhere! I had trusty helpers and we even conscripted Sarah's husband, Brian, into helping out!

Then, it was time to get ready!

I learned a lot about makeup. And I should've because I was probably wearing about a pound of stuff just on my eyes!

All the girls looked so pretty! I am very lucky to have had bridesmaids who consented to wearing halter top dresses in the freezing cold (note: at the time the dresses were picked out I didn't know it would get as cold as it did).

Then, it was my turn!!

It was about this time that I started getting a little nervous/excited.  I could look outside of the cottage we were in and I could see the groomsmen and Trey's sisters (who were taking pictures with him) walking around.  I was really ready to go and walk down the aisle.  

Eventually, we were able to leave the cottage and I took my Dad's arm and we walked down the aisle to Pachelbel's Canon in D. 

The wedding went smoothly. My uncle officiated and did an amazing job! We had a sand ceremony and brought the two sets of parents up onto the "altar" (really the front porch of the Inn) to participate. And then, we were married!!

It was really an amazing day.  I love being married and I love the man I married. I'm so glad he agreed to put up with be with me for the rest of our lives.

Here are a few pictures from the reception:

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